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Inner Depth Audio - Sonic Supplements For Self Enhancement

Improve your focus. Find your calm.

We create sounds that make your brain work better in just minutes a day. 

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The Next Generation Brainwave Entrainment Technology Stack

Targeted Entrainment

We combine isochronic and binaural beats for the quickest shift in focus, brain performance, and relaxation. Effortlessly tune in to your perfect state of mind.

Breath Pacing

The tempo of our programs help you to breathe at the correct rate (based on decades of research) for optimal nervous system function and coherence


Developed in collaboration with Apeiron Center's Anechoic Sound Chamber, we've distilled the advantage of 3D directly into your headphones

Your Body Is Ready

Harness the power of sound. 
Unlock the power of your unlimited mind.

Science-Based, Results-Focused

Heart Rate Variability is the measurement of your body's ability to adapt and respond to stress. We've taken over 30 years of research from the Heart Math Institute and combined it with cutting edge audio production techniques to give you practical, easy to use tools that improve self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-actualization. 
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Get The Benefits of Meditation in Minutes
Focus Deeply... Exactly When You Want To
Relax and Recharge Your Mind and Body
Better and more restful sleep
Greater Self Control... Respond not React! 
Discover the latent superpowers of your mind


Hear what real users have to say about Inner Depth Audio Programs

Elisha L

Writer and Tantra Coach
"I had such a great experience ... everyone should try it. I was so high, yet grounded. Blissful and effective. Check it out!!! Technology wow! Better than drugs."

Jason H

Lighting Engineer for Film/TV
DUDE! Focusing on these sounds is the key for me!! It puts me very close to that “zen state” in a matter of seconds.

Justin W

Software Developer
This type of music is like an audible scouring brush, disturbing/releasing shit that has found residence between my ears. Super cool.

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About Inner Depth Audio

Inner Depth Audio is your premier source for science-based tools that quicken, deepen, and stabilize the meditative state. Designed for the active human, you can get the benefits of better focus, more relaxation, and greater self-awareness with just 5 minutes of use per day.
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