Your Brain Can Be Tuned To Calm

Brainwave Entrainment is the science of 
selecting your state of mind.
You've probably had the experience of listening to music and unconsciously realizing you were tapping your foot or bobbing your head, right?

This is a form of rhythmic entrainment.

Our brains are hard wired for it. 

Different states of consciousness such as dreaming, meditating, concentrating on work, and even anxiety, depression, and ADD have certain brainwaves associated with them.

Wouldn't you like to replace the chaotic, anxiety-ridden, sabotaging brainwaves that get in your way and gently replace them with calm, determined, and effective ones? 

It's possible with Inner Depth Audio.


Artist, Father of 3
"I was skeptical that brainwave entrainment could work. I'm happy to say I've been using it for 3 months and have seen big improvements in my mood and concentration."


Business Consultant
"It's amazing that more people don't know this technology exists. It's so simple and anyone can benefit from it. Its my secret weapon for handling what life throws at me"

Martha P

"I've been in the self-development world for many years and have tried it all. Inner Depth Audio is the real deal. I recommend their programs to all my clients and have great results"

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Brainwave Entrainment 

Our brains are designed to rhythmically synchronize with sound. By encoding music in particular ways with certain sounds, we can influence the brain to move towards a certain state. For example, if you play tones that mimic the brainwave frequencies that are found in the brain during meditation, you can shift your brain into a meditative state. 


Breath Pacing

Your breath gives you direct control over and access to your nervous system. But, it can be hard to "just focus on your breath" without help. The tempo of our music is designed to be breathed with for optimal nervous system function in accordance with the Heart Math Institute's research findings that we generate optimal stress resiliency (as measured by Heart Rate Variability) when breathing between 5-7 times per minute. 


3D Mixing

Modern audio mixing technologies now allow us to mix sound in 3 dimensions on headphones. The Inner Depth Audio Programs were developed with a 360 degree speaker array setup in an anechoic chamber (see more below) and then ported to headphones. Developing these programs in a physical 3D space has allowed us to maximize their effectiveness while delivering them to you in an easy to use at home format. 
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What Can I Expect From Using 
Inner Depth Audio?

Other Companies Hype Their Products. 
We just give you the facts.

Increased Calm

Regularly entering the assisted meditative state that Inner Depth creates allows you to consistently access a place of calm. The synergy of breath and brain reinforce each other for faster results. The more often you use the programs, the better they will work.

Greater Self-Awareness

Ever thought about what you were just thinking? That's called meta-cognition. Using Inner Depth Audio enhances this ability and allows you to make better choices about what you want to be thinking about. Take control over your mind with Inner Depth.

Deeper Focus

Our program designed specifically for focus is engineered to bring your brain to a place of optimal productivity and creativity. Enjoy effortless productivity, pain free focus, and enhanced non-linear thinking so you can do your best work in less time.

    Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science =
Inner Depth Audio

Which Program Should I Choose?

Brainwaves are the result of neurons firing in different patterns. We've specifically designed different programs for different functions and activities. For example, our "Go Deep" program is more suited towards deep meditation, visualization, or accompaniment with other altered states while our "Focus" program is best suited for getting work done, reading, or doing research. 
However, everyone's brain is unique and different so there may be some people that actually find the "Relax" program better for doing work, or the "Focus" program better for doing inner journeying work. The possibilities are endless as there are individuals. So, we suggest trying them all by downloading our discounted 3-pack bundle. Deeper engagement with your truest essence awaits you...

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About Inner Depth Audio

Inner Depth Audio is your premier source for science-based tools that quicken, deepen, and stabilize the meditative state. Designed for the active human, you can get the benefits of better focus, more relaxation, and greater self-awareness with just 5 minutes of use per day.
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