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Brainwave Entrainment

The phenomenon of entrainment has been known about since the late 1800's. Peer reviewed studies have show positive benefits for anxiety [R], cognition [R], memory [R], mood [R], sleep [R], chronic pain [R], connectivity between brain hemispheres [R], and reducing depression [R].

Heart Rate Variability 

HRV is a measurement of the changes in your heart rate when you breathe in and out. It is an excellent measure of overall systems wide health and the ability to respond appropriately to stress [R]. Numerous peer reviewed studies support the positive effects of breath training at a rate of 5-7 breaths per minute [R]. 

Optimal Frequency Balance 

We've modeled the spectral balance of Inner Depth Audio to mirror the "most relaxing song in the world" created in conjunction with The British Academy of Sound Therapy.  Research shows this particular balance of frequencies reduced anxiety by 65% [R]. 

Sound Chamber Tested

Created in collaboration and tested with Apeiron Center For Human Potential's one-of-a-kind Anechoic Sound Chamber, our programs are 3D mixed to model the positive effects of spatialized sound. We've independently verified the positive brain effects with EEG and other biomarkers. 

What Are Brainwaves?

Learn More About The Electrical Activity of Your Brain
The neurons in your brain uses electricity to generate our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Brain waves are created when these neurons fire together in specific patterns.

Electroencephalography (or EEG) is a measurement tool that uses electrodes attached to a person's scalp to measure brainwave activity.

Your brain is always creating combinations of different frequencies and amplitudes of brainwaves. The predominant frequency of your brainwaves helps determine what state you're currently in. 

And, intentionally shifting them can result in positive effects.
There are 5 major categories of brain waves, each associated with different mental functions and states of consciousness:

Delta Waves (0.5-3 Hz): slow brain waves associated with deep meditation, dreamless phases of sleep, and healing [R]. 

Theta Waves (3-8 Hz): brain waves related to intuition, dreaming, spatial navigation, alertness, meditation, memory formation, creativity, and subconscious awareness [R].

Alpha Waves (8-12 Hz): the conscious brain's neutral resting state, associated with working memory, calculations, and the coordination of thoughts. [R]
Beta Waves (12-38 Hz): associated with complex and effortful thinking, motor control, active problem solving, excitement, judgment, and anxiety [R].

Gamma Waves (38-100 Hz): believed to be involved in the integration of thought processes by linking information from different parts of the brain, active consciousness and self-awareness, peak cognitive functioning, and possibly spirituality [R]. These are the least understood brainwaves.

Additionally, the communication and synchronization of these patterns between different regions of the brain is very important. [R]

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Will C

"Brainwave entrainment is my go-to morning "supplement" when I want to crush the day. Inner Depth Audio's stuff is top notch. I'd recommend it to just about anyone."

Hannah R

"Owning my own business constantly puts me to the test. I use Inner Depth "Focus" to get the daily tasks done and I LOVE how easy the "Relax" program makes it to meditate"

Ed L

Crypto Trader
"Having my emotions in check and my mind sharp is essential for making good trades. I wanted something that could help me with both and am very happy with the results so far"

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What Is Entrainment?

Entrainment Is Your Body's Natural Ability to Synchronize With Rhythm
In general, entrainment is the phenomenon of a complex system to rhythmically resonate with a stimulus.

Essentially, in plain english, brainwave entrainment is your brain's tendency to match the frequencies that is exposed to when they are within the natural range of brainwaves (from about .5 hz to 50 hz).

There are a variety of techniques that are used to induce this. Binaural beats are the most well known, but they are the most problematic in that the effects are not always repeatable and are the not most powerful form.
Inner Depth Audio programs use a combination of the 3 most researched forms of entrainment to synergistically move the brain into your desired state. 

Binaural Beats: Two separate identical tones are played in each ear, except they are shifted in pitch slightly. The frequency difference in the pitch creates the brainwave entrainment. So, a tone of 100 hz played in the right ear and 110 hz played in the left ear causes the brain to produce a "phantom tone" of 10 hz, which induces a 10 hz alpha wave in the brain.
Monaural Beats: Two seperate identical tones are played together but not seperated into a stereo left right image. This technique works better at a certain frequency range.

Isochronic Tones: This is essentially amplitude modulation of a signal and is highly effective. It is one of the main forms of entrainment used in our programs but is bolstered by both use of monaural and binaural tones at specific times. These is the "fluttering" tones that can be heard in Inner Depth Audio programs and are the most effective at producing entrainment effects. [R]

The Apeiron Sound Chamber

A unique acoustic space designed to maximize the positve benefits of sound

Inner Depth Audio's Birthplace 

Inner Depth Audio programs are developed and tested in conjunction with Apeiron Center For Human Potential's sound chamber. One of the only Anechoic Sound Chambers built specifically to study the effects of sound on the whole human system, our programs have the unique advantage of being tested and refined in a one-of-a-kind acoustic environment. 

Learn More about Apeiron Here
A Unique Research Environment 
Completely Harnesses the Power of Sound
We've distilled the power of this space into Inner Depth Audio
An Unparalelled Acoustic Experience 
Available for Private Sessions in Asheville, NC

Enjoy This 360° View of The Sound Chamber


Here's what people to say about their chamber experiences.

Sandra Grace

Fortune 500 Founder, Speaker, Coach
"At 62 my memory just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. After my first session I had a whole brain experience that I had not felt for a few years. My memory was significantly better. I have suffered brain fog and it had been hard for me to focus. After my first session the fog was gone and I could sit and read without distraction."

Anthony Thogmartin

Guitarist/Singer, Papadosio
From beginning to end, I found myself transported. In my body, any minor discomforts I brought into the chamber with me were relaxed and removed. I left the chamber feeling as light and elated as one feels after a really good yoga class or a deep relaxing meditation. All the benefits were there: a clear mind, a relaxed body, and a stress free disposition.


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